Last Man

Last Man

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Last Man Fans Social Media Links

Hello, Fellow Last Man Fans!

It's amazing that the first two episodes are on Fox tonight at 9/8pm; it will be great fun when we're all chatting about it.

#TheLastManOnEarth is the official Twitter hashtag. Use that and we can all see each other watching the show in real time!

Tonight will be a 3-way split between Twitter, a Reddit discussion thread, and this Last Man Fans Facebook viewing party.

In order, I'm posting all "Last Man Fans" social media links, feel free to come and hang out anywhere you want (but tweet if you want a response back right away):

Twitter: @LastManFans

Facebook: Last Man Fans



Google+ Page

Google+ Community

And here are the FOX "The Last Man on Earth" accounts, aka The Mother Ship:

(Psst, my other favorite "official" account related to the show is this one):

Come say hi! Let's party tonight!

Last Man Fans

(P.S. - Viral #TheLastManOnEarth stunt on the #Community set goes bad.)

In his AMA, Will Forte said it took 6mos to grow this beard!