Last Man

Last Man

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Welcome Back! Season 3 Opener!

Happy! Well, probably happier than Tandy/Phil looks here!

Okay? Who needs a recap? This guy! In case you forgot, in the second season finale (30 Years of Science Down the Drain), we were left with a cliffhanger of Pat Brown showing up with two new people, but our Malibu crowd has no idea who Pat is, or just how crazy he is.

And of course, blue safety suits don't say "Hug Me!" so we have no idea how this is going to go...and then we had to wait until tonight to find out. Well, they spot the blue hazmat suits and the guns, and well, they freak out. Just a little.
Okay, they freak out a lot
Which means they are going to run (after getting Melissa out of the stocks), but, in a great bit, Todd has lost his keys to the A-Team van (the keys have a Mr. T icon with a perfect "Pity the Fool" voice, and they are forced to arm themselves.

Which leads to the most character accurate move of the entire episode. The arming of Gail.

Yes, this is weaponized Gail.

This is my favorite kind of humor. It's funny, because the character is acting as they normally do in a new situation, and although you expect it, it still gets you!

What happens? The "Blue Man Group" comes in with machine guns and everyone is hiding, until Melissa and her shotgun confronts them and, well, Melissa shoots one of Pat's people and kills one of them... and
Not Don! Betty? wait.
Like last year, Last Man on Earth gives a solid surprise, and then kills them. Quick. Clean. Boom. For those of us who love to watch TV, these little bits are absolute jewels! Goodbye Darrell. We didn't know you at all.

Those people Melissa doesn't kill are accepted in the group, and Tandy takes an instant liking to Pat, who is clearly not alright, and everyone else knows it.
When Tandy and Pat bond, it's explosive!

 Lewis (played excellently by Kenneth Choi) finally tells them Pat is clearly dangerous, but Pat is doing well (he even takes off his hazmat suit), until he sees a picture of Mike, which makes Pat freak out, grab the shotgun and threaten everyone.

To the van!

Okay, this is from the old show, but it is too cool not to add.
Our gang, and Lewis, escape to the van, and well, Todd ran over Pat. He worried about Melissa being fazed by killing Darrell (she wasn't. She was Draper cool), and after Todd was forced to run over Pat, Todd was clearly upset. Credits.

This was a great start to season 3! I hope you liked it as much.

Extra images from the show:
Even in a panic, Carol has her priorities.

Lewis comforts no one.