Last Man

Last Man

Friday, April 3, 2015

Last Man on Earth Easter Project

Hello, fellow L-MOEs!

TL;DR: Grab sharpies and decorate real or fake Easter eggs like Phil's ball friends for fan points!

So this happened today:

Which led to Philip Lord calling me out:

I mean, what would YOU do, right?

So I had my grandparents take me to the Hobby Lobby in Fort Worth, Texas. I'm not into boiling eggs, so I hit up a craft store. I mean, who can eat a carton of hard-boiled eggs before they go bad? And then there's that whole dyeing bit.

Anyway: what is going on in the Hobby Lobby? These are the Easter baskets on sale:

Here are my purchases, along with Hobby Lobby's counter top impulse aisle. That's all you need, these colors of eggs and some blue, red, and black sharpies.

So whatever, I got home and started working in the van with the windows down, since the sharpie odor would bother my Grandparents. Here's Kevin providing help and moral support (I won him at the #LastStuffOnEarth vending machine in Dallas!):

You can take the faces from FOX TV's "Last Man on Earth" ball friends bracket if you want:

Here's today's group: Kevin (green), Kevin (tennis ball), Jerry (brown), Kevin (green, I really like Kevin, okay?), Jimmy (orange), Trent (green, 1/3 of Terrance Trent Darby), Dashiel (blue), and Gary (white).

Anyway, I know I called this thing an Easter project, but feel free to join in if you're from a different religion. This is just about a man and his ball friends, and not really anything more!

If you draw a crude face on even one oval object, (or heck, any drawing at all, the fan art is beautiful), please tweet a photo to @PhilipLord @ChrizMillr @OrvilleIV @LastManFOX @LastManWriters @LastManFans.

I love retweeting fan stuff in general, so always feel free to hit me up, y'all!